6 Countries You Should Visit Around the World Post-Pandemic

Top 6 Countries That Will Pay You to Visit Them Post COVID-19

The ills of the pandemic that took the world by storm and forced so many countries into taking drastic measures in combating its spread and impact have been well documented. It’s no longer news that many top world economies were hard hit by the virus. The tourism industry is one of those sectors that have suffered the most. Travel sites saw less to no activity as bans on traveling were enforced in many countries.

However, as the world continues to hurtle toward recovery and with vaccination now in circulation in many parts, activities in various sectors are beginning to pick up. Although there are still travel restrictions in so many countries, some have begun to open their doors to outsiders as long as precautions are adhered to.

To gather more information about where to resume your travels, you should read customer reviews, expert opinions, and comments about companies in the tourism industry.

However, here are 7 countries you should visit now that the pandemic battle is slowly being won.

  1. Spain

This is arguably one of the countries on everyone’s list when it comes to vacation and tourism. And this is no surprise as tourism plays a pivotal role in Spain’s economic fortunes. All you need is to provide a negative test or proof of vaccination as a visitor.

Knowing where to visit in Spain is quite a challenge. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Ibiza would readily come to mind due to their popularity. But other places like Girona, Alicante, and Mallorca are worth visiting too.

  1. Italy

Italy was one of the countries hard hit by the virus in Europe. But it slowly overcame that phase, and over the months, activities have gradually picked up in ports and restaurants. Other public places are experiencing an influx of people, although restrictions still linger.

Documents are being made ready for people who intend to visit the country both from outside and inside. This would serve as a form of pass either as proof of vaccination or a negative test. 

  1. France

France has always been one of the top tourism destinations in the world. Known for its exotic lifestyle, winery, architecture, and romantic allure, it’s a place to visit, especially now that restrictions are being eased and many public places (museums, cafes, etc) have been set for reopening in May and June.

  1. Egypt
    The Egyptian Pyramids remain one of the most popular attractions in the world. Temple ruins, museums, and many archeological pieces that are remains of an ancient civilization are part of what makes Egypt a darling to tourists. With restrictions gradually easing, the North African nation is a good spot to resume your wanderlust. 
  1. Mexico

Mexico is one of the most favored tourist spots in Latin America. Known for its music, fine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and cuisine, it is a good place to rediscover your traveling enthusiasm. Cancun, La Paz, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and the Mayan Riviera, are some of the places you should visit in Mexico

  1. Greece

Greece’s rich history, fine terrain, and archeological evidence of ancient civilization are among the reasons tourists flock to the country. Restrictions have been eased and vaccinated or tested travelers have begun to trudge into the country since May.

Hopefully, all travel restrictions look set to be eased in many other countries in the coming months which will allow travelers to resume their voyages once again.

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