Dust from Sahara Desert could bring vibrant sunsets to Florida

The desert dust could also suppress storms, when worsening air pollution and contributing to pink tide.

A huge plume of Saharan dust is blowing into Florida this 7 days, as it travels across the Atlantic Ocean as significantly as 5,000 miles all the way from the coast of Africa.

The mass of very dry and dusty air identified as the Saharan Air Layer varieties about the Sahara Desert and periodically moves throughout the North Atlantic, peaking in late June to mid-August every calendar year. Some are worse than other folks.

These Sahara dust plumes can bring about much more lively sunrises and sunsets by scattering more of the sun’s light-weight in the ambiance. A greater quantity of dust particles can refract sunlight into a variety of purples, pinks, oranges and yellows.

Substantial dust plumes can also induce enhanced air pollution, suppress storms and even add to purple tide.

According to the South Florida Sunlight-Sentinel, Saharan dust can bring about air high-quality challenges by means of air pollution. Relying on the thickness of the dust, men and women with respiratory issues could want to restrict outside things to do. But Saharan dust normally comes by means of without having a great deal impact on air high-quality.

The Saharan dust may also temporarily suppress rain, storms and even tropical systems by adding dry, desert air into the ambiance. You can continue to have showers and thunderstorms, but the coverage will be significantly less than if you didn’t have Saharan dust. Saharan dust may possibly also weaken tropical cyclones this sort of as tropical storms and hurricanes. 

In accordance to a study partially funded by NASA, Saharan dust provides nutrients, mainly iron, 1 of the minerals observed in the dust into the Gulf of Mexico. 

NASA says that as the dust falls into the Gulf, it attracts a cyanobacterium, termed Trichodesmium which employs that iron to convert any nitrogen in the water into a sort that can be consumed by other marine organisms, like the algae that lead to pink tide. 

This additional biologically useable nitrogen in the h2o helps make the Gulf of Mexico a additional probably setting for harmful algae to bloom. 

The Sahara Desert is big at just about 3.6 million sq. miles across the northern half of Africa. This is only a bit smaller than the continental United States.

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